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Tina Marie Photography

Tina Marie Photography - CT Wedding Photographer

17 years ago when I started in this business who knew it would be where it is today.  Working with film really taught me a lot and I am grateful for it.  I think everyone should start with a film camera if they really want to understand how it works.  Film made me nail down the technical aspects of photography and my mentors taught me the beauty of light, posing and portraiture while working it into the fast paced wedding day.  With the advent of digital I was lucky to be young enough to grasp it with pleasure although I still held onto my black and white film for a while after.  Digital gave me the opportunity to really explore new avenues.  I was able to be more creative with less worry.  Knowing the workings of the camera allows me to not think about that so I can concentrate on my clients, creating unique images that will make them look their best, in the best location and with the best light.

Maybe if you know who I am you will figure out why I love photography and what I do. The most precious thing in my life is my son James Marc, He is my inspiration, my motivation, my everything… he makes me laugh, drives me crazy and keeps me on my toes. His determination to be all he can be makes me look inward at myself and say, yes I can do more. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. Together we share our home with our beautiful Labrador Jasmine. She is the best companion and sticks by my side (sometimes too much as I have been known to trip over her).   She also gets me out from behind the computer for our almost daily walk/runs, so I give her a lot of credit.

Actually I have incorporated almost all my passions into my photography one way or the other.  My love is the combination of music and photography and every year I have had the wonderful opportunity to photograph “The Gathering of the Vibes” music festival. 

So you ask how this all comes together with my photography?  The events I work especially my weddings are always positive and happy, portrait sessions are family getting together, heritage a moment in time, glamour is making yourself feel good, and the rest is just fun.  If I can make people feel good about themselves and take home images with a smile on their face that will remind them of that moment in time, then I have accomplished my goal and that is what it is all about. I hope to have the opportunity to get to know you and your family and what you are all about.

Thank you,

Tina Marie

Capture the memories of your family or special occasion
with photographs that are professional, creative and unique.

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